When it happened

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How we got engaged

Nick and Christine were on a mini-vacation to the wineries in Greenport, Long Island when they got engaged! As most people know, Nick and Christine's schedules are hectic because of work, so the chance of being alone for a few days was exciting for both. Nick planned the entire trip in July and was adamant about booking at a Bed & Breakfast for September (Now we know why. lol) Nick took Christine on a picnic (equipped with a basket and every cheese imagineable) at McCall's Vineyards. Nick asked Christine to get up for a second, but true to form, she argued and said she was too hot. After convincing her to finally get up and stop being silly, Nick got down on his knee (while Christine screamed and ran in circles) and proposed. She said YES! The rest is history!

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